SUB|2 Marathon

Ultra Carbon Fiber

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Are you training for a marathon? That’s a big deal! The SUB|2 Marathon is a great way to commemorate your accomplishment.

Wear it on your finger or on a necklace.

The winner of the first modern marathon finished the race in just under 3 hours. The world marathon record is now dangerously close to sub 2 hours. One reason why times are still dropping is partly due to the advent of “super shoes.” Some shoes feature a thin carbon fiber plate inside the sole of the shoe which is great for running efficiency. The Sub|2 Marathon carbon fiber ring is .199” wide (of course) and weighs less than a sheet of letter-sized paper.

A little marathon history

The date was 490 BC. The Greeks had just claimed victory over the invading Persians in a little town called Marathon. What happened next? A 25-mile run of course. Legend has it that a warrior named Pheidippides was dispatched from Marathon to Athens to deliver news of the Greek victory. Pheidippides ran as fast as he could across the Greek countryside and didn’t stop until he reached Athens. Upon announcing victory, Pheidippides fell to the ground and died from the massive effort. While we can’t guarantee you won’t drop to the ground after your marathon, we guarantee our ring won’t slow you down. 

About our rings

We still use the same carbon fiber prepreg used in Formula One race cars to make your Sub|2 Marathon last. No coatings are used in any of our rings. The Sub|2 Marathon is available in whole and half sizes from 7-13.5. We don't offer 1/4 sizes currently. If you don't know your size, please visit your local jeweler and get sized. Ring sizing only takes a few minutes, and most jewelers are happy to help you even if you don't buy from them. Please do not guess your ring size so that you can start wearing your new ring right away. Your new ring will ship in 1-2 weeks.