Ultra Carbon Fiber

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The Blackout ring started as a custom request. Due to the popularity of this design we finally added it to our web site. The Blackout features a custom machined grade 5 titanium body polished to a very high standard. After polish each ring receives DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating. This high performance carbon coating is used in very demanding applications such as aerospace components and race engines to reduce wear and decrease friction. This is the only process we outsource due to the extreme equipment costs involved in DLC coating. We have a trusted partner to coat each ring one by one. After coating we install a custom machined 1K carbon fiber matte finish inlay in the prepared groove. Even though the coating is tough extreme care must be taken to bond the carbon inlay to maintain a high level of cosmetic perfection. Yes this inlay has a seam but great care is taken to minimize the cosmetic impact. You certainly won't feel the seam ;) Many ring makers are beginning to outsource metal and ceramic blanks to save time and money. Yes we could do that too but handcrafting each ring individually is important to us. We're interested in providing something special to each client.              

This ring is approximately 10mm wide and is available in size 7-12. If you don't know your size please visit a your local jeweler and get sized. This only takes a few minutes and most jewelers are happy to help you even if you don't buy from them. Please do not guess on your size so that you can start wearing your new ring right away. This ring is made to order and usually takes 4-5 weeks to ship.