Hexar - Uni

Ultra Carbon Fiber

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The Hexar ring was produced as an exercise in simplistic design and accurate machining. Six equally spaced V grooves are machined by lathe and hand finished to break all machined edges. The outer edges are beveled and slightly polished while the inner edges are rounded for your comfort. Each prepreg carbon fiber ring is oven cured under high pressure to produce a laminate that has extremely low void content so you can be sure the fiber isn't just aerospace grade but our process is as well. This results in the high quality ring you see before you. Each ring is made one by one in the USA. The image on the far right shows the Hexar 2x2 (left) and Hexar Uni (right) for comparison. Order a Hexar and make a bold statement with every handshake. This ring is made to order and usually takes 2-3 weeks to ship.