We're Crowd Funding!

Posted by Adam Weeks on

Later today our first crowd funding project starts and we're all super excited around here. Well, both of us are ;) You won't see our project on Kickstarter or any of the other big platforms. We're doing it ourselves! Why? Because I don't think these platforms do the heavy lifting for entrepreneurs. In my research and talking with other business owners the secret to successful crowd funding is to market it yourself before and during the campaign. If the large platforms see you doing well (lot's of views) they will start to help you promote it but you need jump the first hurdle on your own. So I thought why not take the 5% I would have paid them and donate it to a great cause instead? If we reach or goal we'll donate 5% of the revenue to Operation Underground Railroad. This amazing groups rescues children from sex trafficking around the globe. I've heard the man who started this speak at my church and it really impacted me. Why not use this campaign as a tool for good as well as help us build some amazing products. We are so blessed and 5% is a small amount but it's what we can do for now. Check out the Hyperion project here. Please help spread the word if you feel so inclined. I'll post again in a month to let you know what I've learned.