Like many entrepreneurial endeavors our little company was started in order to bring in a little extra cash for my new family. I started experimenting with a few product ideas in late 2003 and worked on them until I felt like I had a quality product people might pay to own. It was slow going at first since I only had time to work on projects after my day job. My love for things carbon fiber actually started years before. Before we go one let me take you back to the very beginning. I’ve had a love for anything with wheels since I was a young boy. As a teen I traded out my bicycle for a 1978 Datsun 280Z which I restored to “working” condition. The following years I moved from canyon carving to SCCA solo racing, weekend drag racing, and lots of kart racing.

After the theft of my daily driver/weekend racer I bought an early model Honda CRX. I decided to put this car on a diet. I removed everything that didn’t make the car faster. Since it was such an old car I couldn’t find aftermarket parts for it. I had read a little about molding car parts so I decided to try my luck and built a mold and then a hood for my little racer. That’s where the sickness began. In 2001, months after 9/11 I was laid off from my software job. I was newly married and had a young son. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I decided then and there that I was going to start working in a field I was interested in even if that meant a pay cut. It certainly did. I was able to secure a job with a local composites company working on a new project for GM. As it turns out this company was building carbon fiber hoods for the 50th anniversary Corvette. I was fortunate to learn how to work with very advanced composite processes and very strict quality requirements during my employment. Soon after I was given the chance to start my own automotive aftermarket line within the same company. I enjoyed my time there and learned a lot. Unfortunately the company was opening up overseas operations and I was laid off along with several others. Here is where we return to the beginning of the story.

The year was 2004 when I called my wife and asked her to pick me up. With my final paycheck in hand I waited for her nervously outside. I couldn’t tell her I’d been laid off so I told her my severance check was a bonus. She was happy since it was her birthday. Soon after I let her know what really happened and we held our breath while we jumped into our little business with both feet. We have operated this business together since that day in September. My wife and partner Codi has been vital to keeping this thing running so long. My passion is to create amazing works of wearable art using carbon fiber and resin as media. My goal is to serve the people who allow me the privilege of doing what I do. Now you know where I come from, head on over to look at some beautiful rings.

 Adam Weeks / Ring Maker