Forty-Five - Polished

Ultra Carbon Fiber

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For the first time ever we are offering the Forty-Five ring. We simply rotated our normal 2x2 twill fabric 45 degrees prior to cutting and layup to produce a very interesting visual effect. Our new polished finish offers a semi gloss ring with a very durable surface. No coatings are used in any of our rings. Each ring is individually wet sanded through 10 stages of sanding with a final application of buffing compound. We offer rings in standard sizes 7-13.5 in whole and half sizes. We do not offer 1/4 sizes at this time. If you don't know your size please visit a your local jeweler and get sized. This only takes a few minutes and most jewelers are happy to help you even if you don't buy from them. Please do not guess on your size so that you can start wearing your new ring right away. This ring is made to order and usually takes 2-3 weeks to ship.