Green Mamba

Ultra Carbon Fiber

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Nature offers some of the greatest color combinations. The colors of the Green Mamba really pop so it seemed like a natural choice. One of the fastest and most venomous snakes in the world has no place near your fingers but our new ring certainly does. It's got a great pattern and bright green color. Our ring has a trick the snake doesn't, our ring glows in the dark! Expose it to UV light and turn off the lights and you'll see. In the second picture you'll see it glowing. Every picture on this page is the same ring. The glow time varies with the light used to charge it but it will glow brightly for a few minutes even with minimal charge. Get one while they're on sale! The Green Mamba ring is .400" / 10.2mm wide. This ring is available in size 7-12 in whole and half sizes. We do not offer 1/4 sizes at this time. If you don't know your size please visit a your local jeweler and get sized. This only takes a few minutes and most jewelers are happy to help you even if you don't buy from them. Please do not guess on your size so that you can start wearing your new ring right away. This ring is made to order and usually takes 2-3 weeks to ship.