Hyperion Hero Ring V2

Ultra Carbon Fiber

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The Hyperion Hero Version 2 is available now! People loved V1 but I decided to take a step back and re-evaluate the design. I really wanted to see what a less busy Hyperion would look like. I think the "less is more" approach really added to the design balance of this ring. The pin count on Hyperion V2 has been reduced to 12. Each ring now has 6 markers on each side of the ring and the width has been increased to .650". In Greek mythology Hyperion was the god of heavenly light, and one of the 12 Titans (12 pins 12 Titans). Hyperion's father was the god of the sky and his Mother, goddess of earth. The romanticism of Greek mythology often serves as a basis for naming products. Once I thought of Hyperion it was difficult to think of another name. Each ring is machined from the highest quality carbon fiber and glow material from Carbon Waves. We could call it aerospace grade carbon fiber but that's pretty vague. The most important quality measurement is not the fiber or resin but the way it is processed into a composite material. A manufacturer could use high quality fiber and process it in a way that includes air pockets (voids). The processing techniques used by Carbon Waves reduces the void content to near zero and reduces the size of micro voids as much as possible. Each stainless steel pin is wet sanded through many grits of sandpaper and then hand polished. Once polished each hole is reamed and micro-honed to accommodate a perfect press fit. Then each hole is back filled with glow. One side receives blue dots while the other side receives green dots. Please note the number of pins will change depending on ring size. This allows us to keep the pin spacing close to the same on all rings. This ring is .650" wide and relatively thick at .140" or just over 1/8". This is necessary to fit all of the elements and still maintain structural integrity. This ring is a monster but it's a beautiful monster! A sizing ring will be sent before your ring is built to ensure a perfect fit. Due to the complexity of this design no size exchanges will be given. Each Hyperion is truly a labor of love. Your ring will ship about 4-5 weeks from the time we get your sizing ring back. More color and pin options are coming soon.

For details about how the glow works and how long it lasts check out the bottom of this page for more details. All pictures shown on this page are the same ring. The glow is activated for a short time after expose to UV light.