Velocity 300

Ultra Carbon Fiber

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In honor of our 20th year in business, we decided to design a ring to honor our founding and shine a light on our future. From one angle the Velocity 300 appears to be the same Wayfarer of men's jewelry that we first introduced 20 years ago. From another angle, the halo of brass sandwiched between F1 grade carbon fiber shines brilliantly for the world to see. We believe that each of us has a brilliant light burning within us. Like the Velocity 300, beholding the brilliance inside another human might be as simple as changing the perspective we view them from.

No coatings are used in any of our rings. Each ring is manually machined from a chunk of brass and two molded aerospace prepreg carbon fiber bands. The width of this ring is approximately .300" and the band thickness is approximately .090". We make this ring in standard sizes 6-12 in whole and half sizes. We don't offer 1/4 sizes currently. If you don't know your size, please visit your local jeweler and get sized. This only takes a few minutes, and most jewelers are happy to help you even if you don't buy from them. Please do not guess your ring size so that you can start wearing your new ring right away. This ring ships in about 3 weeks. *Listing includes one ring. The double ring image is for display purposes only.

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